About Me

As the owner of Sha’Lari Couture, I had always dreamed of being a woman’s clothing designer.  Little did I know, that my childhood dream would take me in a different direction.  Instead of designing women’s clothing, I ended up designing handbags and accessories.  With my background in retail, an Associate’s degree in Fashion Merchandising, and a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Management, I was able to combine my experience, my knowledge, and my desire to design and create.  The end result, Sha’Lari Couture. 


The Beginning

For those of you that do not know, NonnshsStyle was the name of my business before I changed the name to Sha’Lari Couture in the fall of 2012.  What started out as an idea for a hobby, quickly evolved into a handbag and accessories business.  A few months in, I received a custom order for a diaper bag for a baby shower.  Little did I know, this diaper bag would be the catalyst to what would soon become a bustling custom diaper bag business.  With the abundance of orders, I had little time to devote to creating handbags and eventually had to put that part of the business on hold.  During this time, I was able to design, create, and ship 350+ custom diaper bags to 47 states and 7 countries.    


In August 2016, I decided to take my business in a different direction.  I shifted my focus from working with fabric to working with leather.  The challenge was, I had no prior experience or knowledge of how to work with leather.  With my industrial sewing machine and countless YouTube video's, I was able to teach myself the art of leather crafting.  

As I sit back and reflect, I am pleased to see how far I have I come and look forward to what lies ahead.

The Mission


Sha’Lari Couture’s mission is to create beautiful leather handbags and accessories that are handcrafted to perfection, fashion-forward, and luxurious. 

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